Rental Equipment

In order to find the optimum solution for provisional projects or in field conditions, Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC offers high speed disc rental separators, centrifugal decanter rentals, and portable diesel fuel service carts.  This is a cost effective way for you to fine tune your process needs before making a large investment in equipment.

High Speed Disc Rental Separators

Separator Spares & Equipment can provide manual clean and self-cleaning separators for rental applications.

Centrifugal Decanter Rentals

Separator Spares & Equipment can provide the following centrifugal decanter brands for rental:

  • Alfa Laval NX-418
  • Andritz D5LL
  • Hutch Hayes 5500 Standard
  • Hutch Hayes 5500 Hydraulic
  • Hutch Hayes 1448 Standard
  • Sharples P-660
  • Sharples P-2000
  • Sharples P-3400
  • Swaco 518
  • Flottweg
  • Plus, other models

Portable Diesel Fuel Service Carts

A filtration and dispensing system combined into a single portable unit. Removes sludge and separates water buildup caused by storing diesel fuel.


  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Portable Cleaning
  • Boatyards
  • Fuel Polishing Services
  • Backup Power Maintenance
  • Field Maintenance
  • Above/Below Ground Tanks
  • Farm Equipment
  • Equipment Belly Tanks
  • Fuel Dispensing

*Due to the nature of rental equipment, please check with us on the availability of equipment and inventory.