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As regulations become more stringent and enforcement increases, everyone, including owners, designers, builders and operators of ships are becoming aware that the oily water separator (OWS) is a serious design specification, operating consideration, and a key personal responsibility.  
Separator Spares & Equipment is committed to providing solutions for these needs.  We provide equipment, consumables, spare parts, and/or services for coalescing filter OWS, centrifugal OWS, and oily content monitors.  Failure is not an option.  We are your link to IMO MEPC 107(49) compliance.

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Oily Content Monitors

What is Oily Bilge Water? 

Bilge water is the mixture of water, oily fluids, lubricants, cleaning fluids, and other similar wastes that accumulate in the lowest part of a vessel from a variety of different sources including the main and auxiliary engines; boilers, evaporators and related auxiliary systems; equipment and related components; and other mechanical and operational sources found throughout the machinery spaces of a vessel.  It is not uncommon on ships for oil or water to leak into the bilge from these sources, various seals, gaskets, fittings, piping, connections, and from related maintenance and activities associated with these systems. These leaks, along with onboard spills, wash waters generated during the daily operation of a vessel, and waste water from operational sources (e.g., condensate from air coolers, etc.), collect in the bilge.