MAB 103

Machine Application

The MAB 103 high speed disc stack centrifuge is designed for purification or clarification of fuel oils, engine oils, lubricating oils, and various mineral oils used on board marine installations and in industrial applications.

Separator Design

The MAB 103 is driven by a horizontal driveshaft, friction clutch, worm wheel gear and vertical drive shaft. This is all housed within the separator frame, the worm wheel gear is situated in an oil bath to ensure smooth running. The brake is situated on the top part of the frame; braking directly onto the bowl.

The bowl is fixed onto the vertical drive shaft situated in the top part of the frame. The frame hood is hinged to enable easy access when cleaning or carrying out maintenance.

MAB 103

Standard Equipment

  • MAB 103 centrifugal separator
  • Double pump with fittings
  • Motor - 440 volt, 60 Hz, 3-phase
  • Complete set of gravity disks
  • Water supply device
  • Complete set of tools
  • Set of spare parts for extended use
  • Set of instruction manuals

Optional Equipment

  • Motor - 380 volt, 50Hz, 3-phase
  • Motor - Dual 208-230/440 volt, 60Hz, 3-phase 
  • Water seal alarm
  • Electric pre-heater
  • Control Panel
  • Starter
  • Skid

Separator Throughputs and Capacities

The MAB 103 is suitable for the separation of marine diesel, biodiesel, distillate, lubricating and hydraulic oils. (Throughputs may vary depending on temperature and viscosity of liquids)


Expected Throughput:

  • Marine diesel oil: 238g/h | 900l/h
  • Biodiesel: 238g/h | 900l/h
  • Lubricating oil: 145g/h | 550l/h
  • Distillate: 304g/h | 1,150l/h
  • Hydraulic oil: 251g/h | 950l/h